Time to Re-build

The PGUNY web site is being re-built, and should return soon, better than before.

Meanwhile, mark your calendar for the annual PGUNY Picnic, on Sunday, September 8. It will be held at the usual location, Verona Beach State Park. More information will be forthcoming via e-mail and on this site.

Also, keep an eye out for notification about our new PGUNY Central Blaster e-mail list.

2 thoughts on “Time to Re-build”

  1. Im so glad I found you. I want to learn more about puppetry and the guild. I have 3 new granddaughters. I always want to set the imaginations on fire. I’m going out on my own here, and want to make a simple stage and doorway for my 15 mth old grandaughter so she can play out some of her books that she loves. Im goinh to make the revelant parts show her how to use it. She may be too young but she repeats the sentences in her books that repeat on each page if that makes cence.

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